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SANIFLO is North America's only source of macerating toilet systems which are ideal for basement renovations, bathroom remodeling, and home improvement projects. Do you want to put a bathroom where conventional plumbing makes it difficult or even impossible?

Then Saniflo has the solution: With their grinder pumps you can install a toilet or bathroom almost anywhere You can use that wasted space in the basement, without breaking the floor (or the bank). Adding that extra bathroom, shower or sink for family and guests, will also add to the value of your house!

With over three million units installed worldwide, Saniflo products are essentially "above ground sewage ejector systems", known as macerating systems. Normally, a toilet requires a large bore gravity feed discharge pipe, usually 3 inch diameter. With conventional toilets, the need for gravity fall and the sheer size of a 3 inch discharge pipe means that in many cases it is practically impossible or far to complicated to install the waste pipe . Either the pipe-work needs to run at right angles to the joists or there is not enough space in a shallow floor/ceiling space. Or the floors are solid (concrete) or even because an upward discharge is required such as in a basement. The answer to these installation problems is using Saniflo's range of macerating systems, which automatically activate when required to reduce effluent to a slurry and pump it away to the soil stack, septic tank or sewer through a small diameter discharge pipe.

Saniflo systems are environmentally friendly because their toilet systems use less water than a normal toilet system. Ecology wise, the macerator could be seen as a primary sewage treatment system and a septic tank and/or municipal sewage treatment system as a secondary treatment system. Since the waste solids will now enter the sewage system in a liquefied state, they reduce the time and work done by anaerobic bacteria.

SANIFLO products are most frequently used to provide additional facilities in domestic situations such as en-suite bathrooms, loft conversions, basement installations, facilities for the elderly and disabled, etc. The SANIFLO range of products provides a solution to installation difficulties that would often be insurmountable otherwise.

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